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Dance teachers care so much about the mental wellness of their dancers. But so many of us don't have time for a water break between classes, much less spend hours learning about how to best support our students.

Danscend has got you.

Danscend's Council for Educators gives you dancer mental wellness information, tips, and exercises in whatever format works best for you. And on your own time.

Need a short video about how to help dancers through perfectionism? We've got you. Want to listen to a self-talk podcast on your drive. Yep. We've got that, too. How about real-time virtual sessions with mental health professionals? Absolutely.

Learn how to care for your dancers' mental health and wellness in your own way, on your own time.


Each week, we will send you a short video to help you learn about the week's topic. From self-talk to body image to costumes to bullying - we've got your mental wellness information. In less than three minutes.

Mental Health Professionals

Each month, we welcome mental health professionals with experience in the dance and performing arts industries to share their wisdom, research, and tips for dancers and educators.

One-Page Summary

Don't have time, but you still want to learn about mental wellness? Each week, we share with you a one-page summary of the topic we're discussing. Learn basic information and grab some tips and exercises for the studio.


Learn about dancer mental health while you run, while you drive, or while you're doing your warmup. Podcasts are five minutes or less and tackle a new topic each week.

Real-Time Community

Every week, meet virtually for 60 minutes with dance educators from around the world for a more in-depth conversation on mental wellness in the dance world.


Share the gift of mental wellness with your class! Danscend's new and improved worksheets are colorful and informative and they give dancers a space to reflect on their personal mental wellness journey.

“I’ve found Danscend’s prompts for my students to be an effective way to get them thinking about their mental health on an ongoing basis. The easy to understand and thought provoking questions make discussions around mental health an accessible topic for any dance teacher no matter the stage of their career.”  

- Anouska Moore, Dance Educator

“Spend the money. Do it. It’s going to make a world of difference in the way dancers handle and shoulder the pressure that naturally comes with all of the things dancers deal with.” 

- Brianne Zborowski - Co-founder and CEO - Apolla Performance 

"Danscend is that rare organisation; it combines the most up to date science in psychology and wellbeing, with practical advice which dancers and teachers, at any level, can immediately use. Kristin and Michelle, who are utterly professional, kind and curious, are also at the cutting edge of dance education. They have started something big which is destined to change the industry. I can't wait to see what's next."

- Simon Ward, Psychologist, Actor, Educator

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